SCANDAL; “Ototabi” Part 1

The place where SCANDAL has chosen to begin the journey is from Kyobashi, Osaka, a 15-minute train ride from Shin-Osaka station. As all the SCANDAL members came from different places, they’ll go to the dance and vocal school here and attend lessons. Rina says they hardly ever return from Kyobashi together, however this is their ‘home’. Osaka is equivalent to Kyobashi. As an old man cuts right in front of the girls during the take, Tomomi says happily, “This is Kyobashi indeed!

With the (Kyobashi) station as the epicenter, all their activity were within a 500m radius. For SCANDAL that’s going about the World now, during their formation days, their World then were only in that 500m radius. The band now heads to where they were formed…they’re nervous as they arrive at ‘Caless’. It is a school that have produced the likes of artists such as Matsushita Yuya and Lead. Going in, they’re instantly welcomed by Shigemura Nagisa, now an instructor but then, a senior to the girls. She directs them into the school, which Haru finds familiar, and they see girls practicing dancing in the studio. Haru said she hated it when people peeped in from the glass door, as it’s really embarrassing.

The SCANDAL then didn’t carry instruments but danced instead. Old footage of SCANDAL dancing back in those days were suddenly shown, and Mami comments that she was lenient (with herself). But direction from the school changed and they were hurriedly put into a band. Haruna said, “To be honest, I used to think there’s no reason to be that serious being in a band. Since this is a dance and vocal school, that was the main (priority). It’s just okay and lucky to get to play an instrument. That’s how I felt at the start." Tomomi and Mami then continued, "We were…sort of acquainted. Like we saw each before.*" But actually, the 4 were not familiar with each other and they could not get used to the band life.

Tomomi says, “On usual days, we’ll be here after school ends. As Tomo and Rina’s homes are near, we’ll be gathered here till the lights go off. On weekends, Haruna and Mami would come from Nagoya, and it’ll be 12 hours (of practice)." (The school opens at 10AM and shuts around 10PM.) Haru also points out that they’ll often peek out from between the blinders and look at the people in the dance studio, in hopes of not being spotted. Tomomi says there are times that they feel happy being the only ones getting to hold instruments but despite so, they still like dancing. That’s why they’ll peek through those blinders with all kinds of feelings.

SCANDAL’s band life has begun. They’d practice in the school by day, and by night, they’ll be lodged together at the nearby mansions. They’ll always hear the sounds of the outdoor units, and it is nostalgic. It’s a sound that tells them practice of the day is over and they’ll have to do it again the next day. Rina then shares that their room isn’t very big so they’ll have 3 futons in 1 single room. The 4 will then share and sleep in it like small fish. With help from their parents, it’s about ¥200~300 per day each.

Right next to the school is GARB DRESSING, a cafe whose cakes are popular. “During that time, because we didn’t have money, we couldn’t buy (food)," said Haruna, "So we’ll peek in from that small window at the side. It has now somehow been renovated." The girls go over and are surprised to see it has changed, where it used to be a kitchen. Rina points above and says there used to be a really good smell coming from above. Tomomi then goes, "We used to tell ourselves just the smell alone would fill us up, so while let’s all take a whiff at it till we get back to the mansions." As there are always the sound of the trains going by above, those were the days where they’ll hear it as they looked at the cakes. Only on a member’s birthday will they buy the cheapest Profiterole and share it among the 4 of them. It has been 6 years since then.

SCANDAL go in and gets a Profiterole to share. They discuss about how the type of Profiterole has changed, but it is delicious after all. This is what they have on birthdays but what about the usual days? 500m from Kyobashi station is TORIGO, a bakery. When the staff asked what they’ll usually buy, Rina says that they don’t usually buy all the stuff that’s lined up here on the shelves. They’ll receive bread crust instead, especially her and Mami, for free. It’s been 6 years since then but there’s a voice they can never forget. The girls exclaim at the re-appearance of the bag of bread cast and Abe Miyuki-san, who comments they’ve all gotten prettier. Abe-san says she does remember them, as Rina and Mami would come by often. This taste of bread crust carries thankfulness in it.

Translations by fyscandalband, video can be found HERE. It’s very long and there are many other things to translate but I will do part 2 later tonight! Kindly wait for me ><

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140426 Idol True Colors w SJM | Trans by Sunshine Zhoumi

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오늘부터 실직자니깡!! 물의 공포를 이겨내리라!! 라고는 햇지만 유아풀장에서 놀고있눈 나~~^^
Since I’m an unemployed starting from today!! Although I said “Let’s overcome my fear of water!!”, I’m currently playing in the infant swimming pool~~^^
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슈퍼주니어 (SuperJunior) - All About Super Junior [TREASURE WITHIN US]

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